Magician brings a bag of tricks to West Maple Elementary School

2:16 p.m. EST November 24, 2015
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(Photo: John Stormzand | Staff Photographer)

Magician Mark Luedtke dazzled and delighted a packed audience of kids in the West Maple Elementary School After Care Program with a matinee performance on Nov. 18.
From playing cards to rubber bands, Luedtke entertained his young audience with sleight-of-hand comedy and other magic tricks. He’s also a skilled balloon artist and polished storyteller.
6 BHM Magic Show Children close their eyes in order for Mark Luedtke to perform a magic trick.

9 BHM Magic Show Students at West Maple pay close attention as Mark Luedtke puts on his magic show.

8 BHM Magic Show Magician Mark Luedtke has students to cross their arms at West Maple as part of the show.

5 BHM Magic Show Mark Luedtke tells his audience to watch closely as he performs magic tricks to students at West Maple.
4 BHM Magic Show Students in the After Care Program at West Maple Elementary were treated to a magic show to kick off the holiday season.

3 BHM Magic Show Magician Mark Luedtke defies gravity during his performance at West Maple.

2 BHM Magic Show Fourth-grader Autumn DeGroat watches closely as Mark Luedtke performs his magic.

1 BHM Magic Show Dominic Ribol and Michael Joseph try and mimic a hand trick that Magician Mark Luedtke is demonstrating.


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